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KATC's Senior Spotlight: St Edmund's Savannah DeVillier

Plays volleyball, basketball, tennis and cheers
Posted at 10:51 PM, Oct 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-07 15:35:03-04

Savannah DeVillier is a senior at St. Edmund, who's involved in just about every sport on campus.

“I play basketball, tennis, volleyball, and I’m a cheerleader," said Savannah Devillier.

Currently, Savannah DeVillier is an outside hitter for the Blue Jays volleyball team and a cheerleader when she's off the court.

"I’m the captain of the cheer team. So, I’m running around constantly. We’ll have a game right now, and when I get back to school, we have a cheer practice.”

It's a schedule that doesn't leave room for a lot of free time, but the senior sees it as an opportunity to build relationships.

“I enjoy just having that extra time with my friends. I feel like with sports it makes school more enjoyable. You have something to look forward to after school.”

When it comes to volleyball, it's DeVillier's newest sport she decided to join. It's also the Blue Jays second year as a varsity team.

“Volleyball is very new at St. Ed’s. So my class is actually the first. This is our second year as a varsity team.”

It's the perfect journey to go through with close friends.

“Me and Savannah are together all the time. So, if I need help with all my stuff, she helps me out," said teammate Marybeth Lafluer.

Since DeVillier doesn't plan to continue to play sports at the college level to focus on academics, so she and her teammates are making every second count.

“Our big senior year, I just can’t wait.”