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KATC's Senior Spotlight: John Paul the Great's Emma Landaiche

First-round in postseason
Posted at 10:59 PM, Nov 10, 2020

“I started playing volleyball in third grade. So this past season was my 10th year playing volleyball," said senior setter Emma Landaiche.

Emma's volleyball career at John Paul, the Great Academy, has had its up and downs, including a winless season in 2018. However, this season, the 4th seed Guardians hosted 5th seed Alexandria Homeschool Athletics in the first round of the postseason.

“This season was actually the best I think we’ve had since I’ve been on this team. But, we lost in our first playoff game," said Landaiche.

Although it wasn't the result the team was hoping for, the five seniors leave knowing they set a new trend for the program.

“It was really great for us because it’s the highest place we’ve had in the playoffs in a long time. We got to have a home playoff game, which we normally don’t get to do.”

When she's not running plays on the court, the senior spends her free time giving back to her community.

“I’m very involved in my church parish. I’m in a youth group and a leader in the youth group. I’m also an alter server. I really find it enjoyable to get involved and do whatever I can.”

One teammate who's played alongside the giving senior for the last four years says Emma is not only a leader but someone you can count on.

“Emma is one of my favorites on the team honesty. If there’s ever a problem on the court or within our team, she’s always there to help fix it, said senior middle back, Sydney Bonin.

Now that the Guardians season is over, Emma says she's focusing on what college would best to pursue her dream of becoming a future educator.

“Right now, my plan for college is to go for education. Because I love learning, but I also love working with little kids and helping them learn."

No matter where she ends up, she says volleyball will still be apart of her life.

“Anywhere that I would go, I would probably play volleyball, a club intramural sport just because I really love this sport.”