Smart excited to play in Baton Rouge this season

Posted at 8:13 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-30 17:30:31-04

ATLANTA (KATC) — On Day 2 of the SEC Media Days, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said he was excited to bring the Bulldogs to Death Valley, but is LSU excited for them to come?

In 2018 the Tigers’ schedule is brutal, like a 20-hour cross-country car ride in July with no AC. (Fortunately I have AC.) 

The SEC slate alone is scary. After spring practices concluded CBS Sports listed 7 conference teams in their top 25. LSU will faces the top six, and they are number seven.

A silver lining is that both Georgia and Alabama play at LSU, but the Tigers will have to travel to Auburn, Florida and Texas A&M, one of the wildest of wild cards in college football. 

If you add in LSU’s opener against Miami, and the Tigers have seven games against the post-spring top 25, including four games against top 10 teams.