7-Year-Old Cowboy Laith Lindsey

Posted at 9:49 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 22:49:22-04

"Usually you talk about a mother-son bond, but when you have cowboys it’s father-son."

Brittany Lindsey’s perspective on the relationship between her son Laith, and husband Chance is beautiful. Chance and Laith, 7, spend their afternoon doing homework, and their evenings riding horses.

"He’s been riding since he could walk" said Chance. "He’s been playing with a rope before he could walk. he’d sit down as a toddler with a rope, and swing it."

Laith is one of they youngest calf ropers in the US. Over the Memorial Day weekend he won two saddles at junior rodeos in Oklahoma. (Saddles are awarded to the youngest roper who meets a qualifying time.)

Laith’s passion comes from his dad who roped calves in high school, the two even ride the same steed, Buddy.

"He belonged to a buddy of mine," said Chance. "About 4-years-ago I ran into my high school friend, hadn’t seen him since then. He said ‘I still have that old horse we rode, i want to give him to a kid.’ I said, man I have a kid."

‘Ole Buddy’ as he’s called has been around around the stable. But buddy hasn’t always been a friend.

"I was roping a donkey and he went. He turned a curve and I threw my rope," said Laith. "My horse went left and I brOKe my collarbone. I fell off."

"I felt bad," added chance. "He had a cracked collarbone. We took him to the ER and got him fixed up. As soon as he healed up he was back riding again."

Laith’s success his grabbing attention of potential sponsors who are reaching out to his family. I asked Laith if he knew what a sponsorship was. He shook his head no, and that’s ok, Laith is 7 and chasing dreams with his horse and dad by his side and that’s far more important