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Shark Week Is Here — Here Are Some Highlights From The Schedule

Shark Week Is Here — Here Are Some Highlights From The Schedule
Posted at 6:23 AM, Jul 30, 2019

Following several shark attacks on humans in the U.S., researchers have turned their attention toward Cape Cod, where there have been 17 recent sightings of great whites.

It’s a very timely thing, too: It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! And this year, it has a special TV show specifically about the Cape Cod sharks. In the study on that area, scientists are looking into the feeding habits of these ocean animals and why they are preying on beachgoers there.

While the Discovery Channel featured the Cape Cod-specific show on Monday, it has even more shark content to watch all week long — 20 hours worth, to be exact.

The “Shark Week” lineup includes a show featuring comedian Rob Riggle, a retired Marine, and other celebs who go out on the ocean together. It’s called “Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.”and it was the kick-off to Shark Week on Sunday night.


In the show, Riggle enlists four celebrity friends to go on a guys’ trip to the outdoors with him: Anthony Anderson (“Black-ish,”), Adam Devine (“Pitch Perfect”), Joel McHale (“Community”) and Damon Wayans Jr. (“New Girl”).

Riggle is pulling double duty this week as he is also the host of the late-night talk show, “Shark After Dark,” on Discovery. It airs nightly at 11 p.m. ET.

Also on Discovery’s Shark Week schedule is the movie “Capsized: Blood in the Water,” airing on Wednesday evening. “Capsized” is based on the true story of an October 1982 shark encounter in which a yacht headed to Florida capsized during a storm. It’s Discovery Channel’s first scripted feature film.


“Its crew is left to drift for days in the chilling waters of the Atlantic where they become prey to a group of tiger sharks,” Discovery said in a press release. “With the hope of rescue dwindling, the crew must do everything in their power to survive as the sharks continue to hunt them.”

Here’s a look at the fin-tastic highlights of the “Shark Week” television lineup. Note: all times are Eastern.

Tuesday, July 30

“Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters,” 9 p.m.: Back by popular demand, hosts Paul de Gelder, Mike Dornellas, Nick LeBeouf, and Jamin Martinelli reenact five recent shark attacks to find out how things could have ended differently.

“Air Jaws Strikes Back,” 10 p.m.: Shark expert Chris Fallows leads a team of researchers into a newly discovered battleground, where sharks attack seals and seals have learned to mount a defense.

Wednesday, July 31

“Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark,” 8 p.m.: Biologist and animal tracker Forrest Galante goes to the Indian Ocean to find the Pondicherry shark, once thought extinct. Last seen in the 1970s, recent images of unidentified sharks in Sri Lanka and the Maldives have given scientists hope that it might still be alive.

“Capsized: Blood in the Water,” 9 p.m. : As described above, this film follows the lives of the crew of a capsized yacht who drifted for days in the Atlantic Ocean.

Discovery Press Kit

Thursday, Aug. 1

“Return to Shark Island,” 8 p.m.: Shark scientist Dr. Craig O’Connell and Réunion’s newly established CRA Shark Protection Program help investigate the proliferation of bull sharks and several shark attacks in the region (8 p.m. ET)

“Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe,” 9 p.m.: Guadalupe Island is a hotspot for great whites, but no one has ever seen one of them kill a seal. A team of experts goes out to discover where the area’s sharks are feeding.

“Monster Mako: Perfect Predator,” 10 p.m.: Shark Week fans love the search for Granders, the largest mako shark in the world. This show revisits “Monster Mako” and “Return of the Monster Mako” and adds some new footage of mako behavior, captured off the coast of California.

Discovery Press Kit

Friday, Aug. 2

“Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers,” 8 p.m.: Shark explorers go to a remote island off western Australia to solve a mystery about great white shark brothers — do these sharks prefer living and hunting with a blood relative?

“Andrew Mayne: Ghost Driver,” 9 p.m.: Master illusionist Andrew Mayne attempts to make himself a shark suit that will make himself invisible to predators. He’ll put himself in the middle of a great white frenzy in Australia to test it out, too.

“I was Prey: Shark Week,” 10 p.m.: In the wake of vicious shark attacks, two victims must fight through their injuries and the unforgiving elements to reach safety. (10 p.m. ET)

Discovery Press Kit

Saturday, Aug. 3

“Sharks Gone Wild 2,” 8 p.m.: Discover everything that has happened in the world of sharks this year. Expect viral videos, news stories, and the latest cutting-edge shark science.

“Shark Week Immersion,” 9 p.m.: Rooster Teeth tackles Shark Week — the Immersion crew answers questions about sharks by bringing iconic shark moments to life.

Sunday, Aug. 4

There isn’t a programming schedule for Sunday because Discovery Channel will be bringing viewers the best of Shark Week 2019 content. Look for repeats of some of the week’s most popular shows.

Stay safe, swimmers!

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