SLCC students have more financial help due to new resources

Louisiana community college week
Posted at 7:26 PM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-25 01:04:31-04

College enrollment has dropped on a national level, but community colleges have been especially impacted, including SLCC in Lafayette.

“Spring has been tough for us. We did see a 12 percent drop in enrollment, primarily because our students didn’t like virtual classrooms. They want to be face to face with the instructors," director of enrollment Debbie Tabchouri.

Finding ways to make adjustments, state and local leaders are pledging to focus on short-term programs that will lead to jobs that require highly skilled training and pay well.

“So the Governor has set aside funds to try to get 5,000 people short-term job certifications to boost employment again.”

The opportunity is being offered to a variety of programs depending on a student's interest in study.

“Those programs are less than 12 weeks long. They range from welding programs, health-care programs, to maritime programs.”

The school's continuous effort to educate the community throughout the pandemic and additional government funding increased summer enrollment numbers above the norm. As COVID-19 numbers drop and more vaccinations are given, they hope to assist many graduates to the career path of their choice.

“We follow them through their education, and to see them graduate is incredibly gratifying experience because we’re so small we really get to know our students, and we see the change in their lives.”

If you are interested in some of the upcoming events, you can visitSLCC's website.