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Parenting: App helps kids stay connected while staying apart

Posted at 5:00 AM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 08:51:07-04

Caribu is making it easy for kids to keep in touch with friends and family while they are stuck at home.

The App is even featuring a familiar face from right here in Acadiana.

"It's really cool because you can call them on the app and read a story together, do activities, and the Alycat series is on the app," Alysson Bourque, author of the Alycat series, said. "You can read all four books on the app for free. It's really cool."

Bourque said in a time when nothing is certain--books can be an escape.

"It's so important for children because they don't understand what is going on," Bourque said. "Our world is so unrecognizable. They need something that is recognizable to them. They need reassurance that things are still the same. Our love for each other is the same,our family is out there, and they're okay. It gives them something that they can hold on to and have that connection with their family members."

The app is simple.

Download the app, which is free through the end of May, and pull up whatever kids book you want.

There are several activities listed for each book.

A disclaimer for parents: there are several safety features to make sure that your child is not connecting with anyone but the person you want them to connect with.

"You're coloring on a coloring sheet together and, what's funny is, sometimes I'll pick a color and they'll pick the exact same color," Bourque said. "It's really cool because they didn't know. You never know what they will color, write, or draw. Being able to collaborate and create something together makes it so special."

While the stay-at-home order is not easy, staying connected is, as it allows some type of interaction with those we love the most.

Alysson and Alycat will be live on Facebook every Thursday at 1pm for story time.

Just type "The Alycat Series" in the search bar.

You can ask Allyson questions and Alycat will answer "yes" and "no" questions.