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EDU-Mom creating resources for parents and educators

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Posted at 6:08 PM, Jul 27, 2020

One teacher from West Gate High School is making it easier for parents and educators to bridge the gap as virtual learning is a necessity.

The new platform EDU-Mom is now available for anyone looking for extra assistance in educating children. Whitney Living started to brainstorm the idea in April on a pamphlet and decided to make it into something more.

"There are seven different resources you can get that talk about the best practices for kids overall. Not just in the pandemic but overall in terms of hygiene and just overall health," said Living.

In addition, the site features links to step-by-step virtual lessons.

"They have common core information for ELA and math. You have different learning lessons from the ages from pre-k age all the way until 6th grade," she said.

Living also says the more parents and teachers share, the more beneficial the platform will be.

"I just pray that others open themselves up to giving resources and getting resources because sometimes we educators don't want to learn anything new but if it's for the kids it's worth it."

The process to join is easy, only requiring you to head to EDU-Moms website and subscribe with an email address.

"All you need to do is type in your email. It comes to me. We send out a thank you and then we're going to start sending out weekly information. I want people to jump in."