Part 2: The Robertsons Return Home

Posted at 10:04 PM, Jul 18, 2019

JEANERETTE — The Robertson family lost their home, all of their possessions, and almost lost their lives during Hurricane Barry. The mother and father hospitalized after a tree fell on the mother and a thousands of bees attacked the father as he tried to save her.

They returned home and were reunited with their children. They allowed KATC cameras to be there.

"Everything is gone," exclaimed Robert Robertson as he looked at a tree still sitting on what was a bedroom in his home. "There is nothing I can accomplish with this."

He was heartbroken. His wife Kendra too shaken up to get out of the car.

Robert reflects on what he say while watching TV3 from his hospital bed. "On the news I saw a big ole bee hive. I don't see it anymore."

There were places where the tree had been cut. The beehive no longer there. Its remnants, however, were.

"Look at this. The beehive is gone but there's all this honey here."

The bedroom is now clearly visible from outside the home. It is where Kendra was when the tree fell.

"This is what we are looking at, things have been demolished. Nothing is good." Robert says it's the only home his family has ever known. "We don't bother anybody. This is where we come. We depend on ourselves."

The father of three reflects on the material things being gone but he is thankful his wife is living.

"I stayed there with all these bugs on my head, praying to get her through. I was she was going. She was gasping for air. I saw her about it pass way."

He expressed disappoint saying a crowd of people gathered outside their home, holding cell phones. He says all he needed was a little help to move the branch and save his wife.

"With as many people that was outside, if I had just a few people to help me lift."

But help soon arrived, wearing firefighter gear.

"That one lil guy. I said 'come here son' and he did. I have to touch that young man. He deserves a lot."

He goes on to explain that he wants, despite his injuries and fighting an infection, to do his part to help his family.

"I miss my family. I haven't seen my kids in four days."

The Robertsons and our crew soon head over to Kendra's mother's house, where the children have been since the storm.
They greet each other with hugs and tears. As they hold him in their arms, their 17 year old son telling his mother and father how much he missed them.

"This is what I live for."

Robert goes on to say, " I just want to love on my kids right now. I want to give them something special to take their minds off of this."

The family has a GoFundMe page set up. Click here to donate.