Parenting: preparing kids for daylight savings time

Posted at 5:15 AM, Mar 06, 2020

As we approach Day Light Saving Time, some parents may worry about getting their children to sleep because of the forward jump in time.

Patricia Johnson from the Lourdes Physician Group said it will take kids some time to adjust to the time change.

"It may take a week before they actually get back into the swing of things," Johnson said.

Johnson said parents need to start early with preparing children for the change, and offers parents some advice on how to tackle it.

"Try and get them to bed at least 15 minutes earlier before daylight savings time," Johnson said. "Each night try and advance by 15 minutes. That way that will help to get them adjusted to that time."

Despite this advice, Johnson said parents still might experience cranky kids for a while. This is because the time change alters their and your internal clocks. Johnson said that at the end of the day, patience is key.

"Wake them up a littler earlier and by 15 minutes that way they have time to throw their temper tantrum," Johnson suggested. "Expect them to be cranky, mood changes and appetite changes. The key is to be very patient with them. It may take a week before they get back into their routine."

This might lead to a rough Monday morning, but we won't have to do it again until November.

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