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We're Open: Getting Your Body to Work for You at the Nerve Health Institute

Posted at 9:50 PM, Apr 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-09 23:36:36-04

LAFAYETTE, La. — KATC's Scott Brazda introduces us to one Lafayette doctor who says there are some easy steps to take control of your health.

You’re reading the latest article, your blood pressure’s going up because of Coronavirus.

The public, says Dr. Chris Cormier, is increasingly worried about their futures.

“They’re fearful, they’re seeing numbers, they’re watching the news, they’re watching the media,” adds Cormier.

For many people right now, the coping problem may be external; but some simple solutions may be internal.

Nerves and blood pressure, you see, have to delicately dance.

Breathing exercises work wonders.

“When your diaphragm’s connected to your brain, you’ll breath better, then yes, obvious benefits are lowering blood pressure,” explains Cormier.

A hand behind the head, the other touching the aforementioned diaphragm?

“Just one breath per side, tilt your head the other way, ground your diaphragm, and good that’s it. “

He’s open.

Crowley native Dr. Chris Cormier founded Lafayette’s Nerve Health Institute, and he will quickly tell you that the very body you call your own—can handle a lot of what life throws your way.

“In our country, we do a very good job of ‘hhhh’ (makes rapid motion sound) where we’re heightened; we should be right in the middle between that excited side and the calming side.”

Sometimes all it takes is an authoritative mantra (“..Close your eyes and say, ‘I’m ok’ in an authoritative way…”) while other calming techniques channel your inner superhero (“… so you stick out your chest, and tilt your head back and almost like superman, you can bring your arms back and that is a parasympathetic exercise…”, adds Cormier).

The arching of a back, the lifting of an arm, or rubbing your tongue across the roof of your mouth---and the associated science tells your body you can handle this.

“So when I hear the president, or Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx on Mike Pence, what’s going on, increase of numbers, it might not be bad and watch the press conference and raise my arm?” I ask.

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea,” responds Cormier.

Doctors will give you devices, crutches and prescriptions—all good stuff.

But Dr. Chris Cormier says the absolute best tool you have for fighting any ailment---in the case of this article-- is your very own body.

“God gave you this amazing machine that self-heals. It self-heals a cut. Why do some people heal quicker than others? It’s because they’re better powered up—their bodies are better equipped to self-heal.”