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Pediatric occupational therapist offers virtual appointments during COVID-19

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Posted at 7:48 AM, Mar 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-26 08:48:39-04

As members of the high-risk community, infants and toddlers need important care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

And Flourish Pediatric Therapy and Lactation LLC in Lafayette is Open for Business. But not in its usual capacity.

The practice has made changes to its face-to-face appointments with the help of Telehealth.

Pediatric occupational therapist and lactation counselor, Jeanne Pichoff says the virtual appointments allow her to observe and treat patients while keeping a safe distance.

Pichoff says there are some challenges that online appointments pose for occupational therapists, but that those can be quickly overcome.

"I can see exactly what clients have available to work with in their homes, and I can observe a feeding and guide a parent into hands on treatment virtually so they can become their child's therapist," she says.

Even with the spread of COVID-19, Pichoff adds that babies will continue to be born and parents will continue to find themselves having difficulties with feedings.

She's hopeful the new online platform will allow her to support new families during the outbreak.