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Nursing home using technology to keep residents and families connected

Nursing home using technology to keep residents and families connected
Posted at 6:26 PM, Mar 24, 2020

While visitors are not allowed inside of Encore Healthcare & Rehabilitation in Crowley, staff members have been helping residents make adjustments. It's a way to help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

Edna Pousson is one of 73 residents, who's using video messages and FaceTime to share love and advice from her nursing home.

"It's wonderful," Pousson said. "It helps a lot of people. You can see your family and talk to them. You know they're all doing okay and as long my kids are okay, I'm fine. I have no worries."

Residents are also continuing their daily activities, while social distancing.

"As long as we keep their 6 foot distance, they're keeping their same routine," Jessica Guidry with the nursing home said. "Still trying to keep the same routine. We just got to adjust it and change it up a little bit."

For many residents, modern technology is a different way of communicating. It was the first time some of them ever done it.

"They didn't quite understand how it worked," Pennie Washington with the nursing home said. "We would give them the phone and they were like 'how will I see them? I see myself.' When they realize what's happening, they get really excited."

While residents like Pousson are staying in doors, she's sharing a message not only to her children, but everyone during this pandemic.

"Never give up," Pousson said. "You don't give up when it's a case like this. You keep on praying and you know it's going to be okay .That's what I tell my kids."

Staff members say they help residents on the weekends and come in on extra days to make sure each person get's a chance to see their family.