Woman says she was shot at while driving on I-10 near Breaux Bridge

Woman says she was shot at while driving on I-10 near Breaux Bridge
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Posted at 4:58 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 20:28:12-05

ST. MARTIN PARISH — A St. Martin Parish woman is sharing her close call on I-10. She was driving on the interstate in Breaux Bridge when she says someone in another car opened fire. The person wants to remain anonymous.

"It was right at midnight on Sunday the 21st," she said. "It was a 2-door Jeep Wrangler that was passing up and would slow down. I was coming back from Eunice and I guess the last time they (the shooter) went and started shooting at my car. They shot at it five times and after that they hurried up and cut an 18-wheeler off. They took the Breaux Bridge exit. By the time I took the exit, they were halfway down Rees Street."

She believes it could've been road rage. The bullet holes remain in her car, showing about 5 rounds striking the vehicle.

"I didn't know what to do. I was just so in shock and went home, " she said. "This is the third time it's happened in the past week that I've heard of."

She's referring to two other shootings that have taken place on on major roadways. Those shootings have both taken place in Acadia Parish.

One happened February 18th.

Another one occurred Saturday night . Two teens were injured, but are expected to be okay. Click here for more information.

The sheriff there says he knows the two in Acadia Parish are not related. He believes in both cases, the suspects and victims most likely knew each other.

"I'm probably 99.9 percent sure that this is not a random person standing on side of interstate and shooting at vehicles as they drive by ," Sheriff K.P. Gibson said. "We're finding some areas that we can both tie into areas that they're not random at that aspect."

We also reached out to the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office to see if there could be a connection to their case in Breaux Bridge. A spokesperson responded, saying it's an active investigation and they won't be releasing anything at this time.