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Hunter Davis: Vermilion Parish preps

Sandbags in Vermilion Parish
Posted at 5:42 PM, Jul 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-12 18:56:59-04

People in Abbeville are prepping for Barry.

Reporter Hunter Davis from our sister station KXXV in Waco, was there covering the story. If you'd like to see her social media posts since she's been here in Acadiana, scroll down. You can follow her on Facebook here and on Twitter here.

Friday afternoon, people were loading sandbags into their vehicles in an effort to protect everything from their cars to their homes and even their AC systems.

Allison Carter and her daughter Mackenzie say they have lived in Louisiana their entire life and have lived here in Abbeville for the last 10 years. They say while they have been through several storms similar and even bigger than this one they prepare for every single one the same. They get their groceries, they get their survival kit and they come here to get these sandbags. Carter says while this storm may seem small because it isn’t at hurricane status... people should still be prepared.

“Take it seriously. I know it seems like fun and there is a lot of jokes and people are buying all the water and all the alcohol is gone out of the stores, but you still need to take it seriously it can be dangerous, if everybody just takes it seriously, like she said, be safe instead of sorry," Allison Carter said.

The office for emergency preparedness says their are several locations for people looking to get sandbags: one at the corner of Eliza Street and La. 330; folks can also find one in Abbeville at Calvin Lebouef road and over in Erath... people can head to Mac Switch Road to load up.

There are bags and sand, and shovels for residents to use.