Vaccination Status on Resumes

Information Can Help Fast Track Employment
Posted at 4:00 AM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 05:00:48-04

More vaccine mandates are coming up in the hiring process, and that is leading some people to be upfront with their status. Robynn Storey, Chief Executive of Storeyline Resumes says, "A lot of job seekers we're in a situation where they needed to get back to work quickly. They were either furloughed or laid off, and they were kind of willing to do whatever it is they needed to do."

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Robynn Storey

She says the trend of people adding their vaccination status to their resume was something she noticed more of when the shots first rolled out. Now that there are fewer jobs than candidates, the scenario has flipped. She says there's now little hesitation in adding the vaccination, which can help speed up the hiring process. The bigger problem is where people aren't willing to take the shot.

Storey adds, "Now we've opened up sort of a can of worms and now we've got legal ramifications. Now we've got questions that maybe they don't want to answer."

She mentions transparency needs to come from employers as well. Vaccine requirements and even possibly future requirements should be front and center on listings to avoid issues. Storey says, "I had a client recently that moved her family from Chicago to Nashville for a position and found out she was requiring a vaccine, by the end of October. She said she wasn't willing to do it so they rescinded the offer and now she's in Nashville looking for a job.

Seventy percent of hiring managers told they would be more likely to hire someone with their vaccination status included in their resume. found growing numbers of small businesses are indicating they want vaccinated employees. Overall, new job postings with vaccine requirements continue to grow. Storey sees a lot of other pandemic related factors outside of vaccines in the hiring process, adding, "I really believe that the combination of the ability to successfully do a role while working from home, coupled with the vaccine question, along with the idea that a lot of people are leaving the workforce in its entirety or leaving the workforce for a different kind of opportunity, because they want that balance that is all going to really shape the landscape of hiring for years and years to come."

We've talked about some companies charging employees more for health insurance if they're not vaccinated. That same policy could apply to spouses and domestic partners. One Louisiana health care system is planning to charge and extra $200 per pay period to insure spouses on their polices next year.