The Rebound: Acadiana Advocacy Network helping those in need

Posted at 2:28 PM, Jun 09, 2021

LAFAYETTE PARISH — An Acadiana woman is helping those in need rebound during the pandemic. She's created a non-profit that provides resources and information for anyone in need of assistance. Her outreach has been going on for years, but there's been an even greater need in the past year.

"The calls definitely increased a lot more with depression and homelessness," founder Jennifer Nugent said. "We collect anything from furniture to medical supplies."

She created the non-profit Acadiana Advocacy Network in 2017. It was formed after she noticed there was a need for guidance.

"I've been in hospice 18 years and started getting calls for things non related to what my job was," Nugent said. "Because of that, I just started doing my own research on where to find resources. Typically, I do more with the disabled and elderly."

With the help of volunteers, she collects donations and also raise funds for other non-profits. It's a way to make sure everyone's needs are met.

"The goal is to get donations and handed right back out," Nugent said.

If you're in need of assistance you can visit the organization's facebook page for more information. You can also call (337) 322-8296.