Stagnant weather pattern locks in cloudy skies

Posted at 5:08 AM, Mar 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-10 08:17:21-04

Clouds are locked in for at least another day as Acadiana settles into a fairly gray, stagnant pattern that will be with us for the majority of the work week.

A stationary front has stalled just north of our area and as a result it is keeping a warm, muggy air mass locked in place through at least the next several days.

Temperatures on Tuesday will crawl up into the upper 70s and winds out of the south around 5-10 mph.

There's an abundance of moisture in the atmosphere which will lead to widely scattered showers through the rest of the day so keep an umbrella handy.

While the overall weather pattern won't significantly change from day to day we will see a slight decrease in the rain chances through the midweek.

The days will be getting hotter through the week as well and we'll be looking at highs in the 80s by the end of the week.