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Cleanup of Franklin streets sparks chain reaction of community involvement

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-17 19:13:50-04

FRANKLIN — As Barry began to wind down, Franklin officials took to the streets to help.

One of those officials was Police Chief Morris Beverly, who pitched in after seeing public works clearing streets. He began removing debris from storm drains.

"I said man, the police department has to pitch in. It's a team effort so me and some of the officers decided we'd clear some debris and let it go into the drains," Beverly said.

Soon after the work started, 9-year-old Franklin resident McCarley Fisher saw a photo of Beverly removing debris from storm drains. She was inspired.

"Since I have an elderly neighbor and I was already cleaning the branches from her yard, then I might as well just clean the drains by her house," Fisher said.

A photo of McCarley's efforts soon helped launch the "Chief Beverly" challenge, which asked people to help clean debris from drains and post photos of it. Residents were asked to tag themselves cleaning up using a hashtag with the challenge name.

"I wanted other kids to get inspired to clean their drains in Frankllin or even Jeanerette," Fisher said.

McCarley says she hopes helping neighbors and picking up around her community will make her hometown a better place.

"I love Franklin," McCarley said.

It's clear to see that on social media, that sentiment is catching. The #ChiefBeverlyChallenge is still going strong.

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