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Huge pothole on West Prudhomme worsened by rains

Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 29, 2020

Residents of one Opelousas street say they have trouble even getting a pizza delivered because the road is so bad.

A delivery driver got stuck in a huge pothole on West Prudhomme Street Saturday while trying to deliver a pizza to a resident of the street.

Antoinetta Mason took pictures a video of the incident, which she shared with KATC.

Mason says the pothole has been a problem for more than a year. She's spoken with city officials who promised action. But her son has gotten stuck in the pothole, and her brother has, too.

Mason has a relative on the street that she cares for, and she's worried that an ambulance won't be able to get to her uncle if he needed help.

"This has been an issue, and it is not the only problem here. If you go farther down the road, there's a bridge that's about to give out, because all they do is just patch it up, patch it up," Mason says. "Where are our tax dollars going? We're concerned. Everybody wants to get in office, but when are they going to come out and do what they need to do."

Mason said the incident yesterday was a mess. She said she's not sure if the pizza delivery driver was hurt or not.

"What else has to happen before this road gets fixed?" Mason says.

Mason said she's not trying to be critical.

"But when you get in office, its your responsibility to make sure things get taken care of," Mason says.

Mason said she's afraid to leave for work in the morning; she has to leave at 5 a.m. and she's worried about missing that pothole.

Mason said she sent the video to her representative on the council before she posted it online.

Here are some of the pictures:

She tells us that, since her Facebook post about the hole went viral, she's heard from the council member who represents the area, as well as the mayor. Someone went out and put some warning cones around it, and here's how it looks today:

We've reached out to the mayor, and we'll update this story as soon as we hear from him.

We'll have more on this story later today on KATC TV3.