Quick break for the middle of the week; update on the tropics

Posted at 5:41 AM, Jul 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-22 08:33:25-04

Acadiana sits in a brief lull in activity Wednesday, with the early week rain maker now well to the west and the next rain maker just now starting to move across the Gulf of Mexico.

While Wednesday is expected to be a quieter day the amount of moisture in the atmosphere will still likely lead to a scattering of showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon.

The added sunshine will push temperatures into the lower 90s in the afternoon with a heat index that will run closer to 100, making Wednesday a fairly typical late July day.

Given a chance to catch our breath we can turn our attention back to the Gulf of Mexico, and in particular, a disorganized cluster of thunderstorms that are getting ready to move west.

Conditions seem more favorable to see continued development and some organizing, as this wave gets further west eventually we may see a tropical depression or even a tropical storm off the Texas coast.

This means a couple very soggy days, similar to the pattern we had earlier this week with a maybe a few more heavy downpours.

Despite several rainy days the rain totals seem manageable with 2-3 inches of rain spread out over a five day time period, which would give us chances to drain in between showers.

The heaviest showers in Louisiana will be just to our south and east with the bulk of the rain taking place offshore, although the New Orleans area may see six plus inches of rain through Wednesday of next week.

Regardless of development it looks like Acadiana will avoid the most drastic impacts, the same can't be said for central Texas which may see a flooding threat along the coast with almost a foot of rain expected by the end of the weekend.

Elsewhere in the tropics we saw the development of Tropical Depression 7, and will likely see the further development into Tropical Storm Gonzalo by the end of the day Wednesday.

The storm is moving across the Atlantic currently and will start to die out early next week as it approaches the Caribbean and gets into a less favorable environment.

As we've been mentioning this week seems to be the week the tropics have started to ramp up with an early round of disturbances lining up to cross over the Atlantic.

It will be even more important over the coming days to make sure that your hurricane plans are in place so there isn't a scramble to get prepared when a storm is on the way.