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Results for four proposed state-wide Constitutional Amendments

Posted at 11:06 PM, Oct 12, 2019

State-wide, voters went to the polls today and cast their votes for four proposed Constituional amendments. Here are the results:

Constitutional Amendment #1 - Tax Exemptions for Outer Continental Shelf
CA#1 was rejected, with "no" receiving 53% of the vote. 47% of voters voted "yes."

Constitutional Amendment #2 - Amend Education Excellence Fund
So far, amendment #2 is close. It is now 50/50, with "yes" receiving 609,639 and "no" receiving 599,763.

Constitutional Amendment #3 - Remedy for Unconstitutional Tax Paid
CA #3 did pass, with 58% of the vote being "yes." "No" votes received 42%.

Constitutional Amendment #4 - Allow New Orleans Property Tax Exemptions
This amendment did not pass. "No" received 63% of the vote, while "yes" received 37%.

For more information on what each of these amendments mean, click here.