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Atlanta police officers chased down moving car with unconscious driver at wheel, video shows

Atlanta Police
Posted at 10:23 AM, Oct 15, 2021

Two Atlanta police officers were able to chase down a slow moving-car, break its window and alert the unconscious driver as to what was happening before it rolled into traffic, police-worn body camera footage shows.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, Officers D. Brooks and B. York responded to reports of a "down or injured" person on the north side of Atlanta on March 6. Brooks and York quickly noticed a man who was unconscious inside of a car.

The officers attempted to knock on the car's window to alert the driver. After about 30 seconds of tapping on the window, the man stirred.

Police then claim the driver put his foot on the gas after noticing the officers near his car.

The car slowly rolled through an empty intersection and quickly drifted into a lane of oncoming traffic. While Brooks chased after the car on foot, York ran back to their patrol car to alert oncoming traffic and block the slow-moving car.

Once he caught up with the vehicle, Brooks used his baton to smash the window and pull the car's emergency brake.

According to police, the driver was arrested and "charged with multiple traffic offenses," including driving while under the influence.

"The joint effort of these two officers saved the driver from harm's way but also likely saved countless other citizens from injury," the department said in a Facebook post. "Their response to this incident reflects not only their excellent training and level of care, but our highest ideals. We say their names with pride and applaud their contributions to the community and APD. Officer Brooks and Officer York, job well done! "