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VPSO warns residents of phone scammers posing as IRS agents

Posted at 4:34 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 17:34:00-04

The Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office is warning the community of a scam circulating in the area in which scammers pose as representatives of the IRS.

With the recent passage of the stimulus package regarding COVID-19, stimulus checks will start being mailed out in the near future, and the VPSO says "there is a criminal element already poised to hurt people at the most vulnerable time of their lives."

The scammers are posing as IRS agents and contacting the public by phone or email, informing them that their personal and bank information is needed so their stimulus check can be direct deposited, explained VPSO spokesperson Drew David.

The IRS has the necessary information already, so there is no need for them to contact residents in this manner.

If anyone receives such a call, they are asked to contact the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office and report it.

"The community's safety is of the utmost importance to us," continued David, "And we remain dedicated to protecting and serving you 24/7."