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Erath residents concerned about high utility bills

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 02, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-02 23:24:00-04

Residents in Erath are concerned about their July utility bills.

Some believe that included in the bill is a charge for one of the town's biggest events, the Fourth of July festival.

Mayor Taylor Mencacci shot down the rumor, saying, "100 percent false. The Fourth of July Association is an independent association. The generators operate the rides. For the food booths, the water and sewage, we meter every year and we send the Fourth of July Association the bill."

Utilities are a source of revenue for the town, which raised some more questions about the pricey bills.

However, consumers were charged the same rate, less than .05 cents per kilowatt, that they are charged every month.

That rate is based on town needs to make up for what is lacking in sales tax revenue and the low property taxes Erath residents pay.

"For Erath, for any community to exist, the people have to be the investors in the community and give back and pay the utilities and pay the taxes and we hope for them to shop local so we can gradually set off those expenses and bring down the utility costs," added Mayor Mencacci.

On average, utility bill usage peaks in the summer months, meaning so will your bill, regardless of where you live.