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We're Open: Vets offering curbside service to continue caring for our furry friends

Posted at 11:11 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 22:06:42-04

It's a ride some pets dread. But not Chris Welty's pup Luna.

She went to the vet on Wednesday for a routine checkup, but this visit was a little different.

Since the coronavirus, pet parents are not allowed inside. Instead, St. Francis Veterinary Hospital, like other clinics, is now offering curbside service.

An employee will come get your pet from the car and bring them in for their exam.

"We're here to serve the public and take care of their pets. If the clients want to have their pets seen, then we're here to see them," explained Dr. Lon Randall. "As long as the regulatory agencies allow us to stay open, which they have, then we will continue to do so."

The staff is wearing personal protective equipment and maintaining social distancing as much as possible during exams.

Though they prefer to have the client inside to discuss what's going on with their pet, they realize these added precautions are extremely necessary.

"Constantly during the day we're sanitizing, lysol spray, lysol wipes and we're even using a fogger at the end of the day," said Dr. Randall.

Dr. Randall says he has seen a decline in business, but the services they're providing are vital.

"Like any business, we have staff and they need a paycheck. As long as we can stay open and serve the public and meet payroll, it's a win-win."

Once the checkup is complete, the vet will call to discuss the exam and answer any questions before bringing your pet back to your car.

The staff is also trying to limit exchanging payment in person, instead opting for payment over the phone.

Dr. Randall added, "As a veterinarian, we signed an oath to take care of pets and that's what we're here for."