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State releases school and district progress results

LPSS makes strides in terms of student progress
Posted at 4:43 PM, Aug 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 17:47:55-04

LPSS is making strides in terms of student progress and growth when compared to other school districts in the state.

Earlier this week, the Louisiana Department of Education released statewide progress data that complements the recently posted proficiency rates on LEAP 2025 assessments.

The performance measures are the basis for a large portion of the School Performance Scores due for release this fall.

When students are categorized as "Top Growth," this contributes an 'A' to the school's Progress Index.

"Top Growth" indicates that a student is on track to reach Mastery of essential skills in English Language Arts and/or mathematics. A student may also be labeled as "Top Growth" when they demonstrate a greater rate of improvement than peers across the state.

The Lafayette Parish School System improved its ranking when considering students identified as "Top Growth."

Westside Elementary School has the highest rate of students earning "Top Gains" of any Acadiana regional school (Lafayette, its contiguous districts, and Iberville Parish).

Westside Elementary principal Lisa Thomas said, "Westside Elementary School attributes our school growth to a variety of factors. The most important factor is a strong and dedicated faculty that believes all students can learn and achieve. Our school staff is committed to standards-based instruction, bell-to-bell teaching, and targeted enrichment and remediation based on students' needs. High expectations are the norm, not the exception, for all students and staff at Westside Elementary School."

Four additional LPSS schools fall in the top ten: Green T. Lindon, Ossun, Katharine Drexel, and Ridge Elementary Schools. Carencro Heights and Cpl. Michael Middlebrook Elementary Schools and Early College Academy also fall among the top performers.

Early College Academy principal Alex Melton explained the school's approach for growth, saying teachers focus on individual students. Teachers pause their lessons and meet the students where they are as individuals. They then can focus on each student's needs and customize learning for them, whether it be on-on-one tutoring, extra practice, or any other accomodation that can help students.

Louisiana has an outlined plan to comply with the Every Student Succeeds Act.

The act expects states to close achievement gaps among subgroups.

The ESSA governs the United States K-12 Public Education Policy and replaced the No Child Left Behind Act.

In terms of district subgroup growth, LPSS moved from 21st to 14th in state rankings.

The African American subgroup maintained its 2018 "Top Growth" rates and 3rd place among regional districts.

Economically Disadavantaged students improved their results by 1 percent. The district remained in 3rd place in the region, but improved from 19th to 13th relatives to all districts in the state.

Overall, the school and district progress results show LPSS making strides when compared to other districts in the state.

Several individual schools received acknowledgement for outstanding performance, while subgroups incrementally improved or maintained performance while moving up in district rankings.

More information and materials released by the state can be found here.