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Morrison presented with President's Award

Purvis Morrison
Posted at 4:29 PM, Aug 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-05 00:06:54-04

Purvis Morrison has received the President's Award of the Louisiana Municipal Association.

Morrison, the former Mayor of Scott and now manager for the City of Opelousas, also served several years on the executive board of the LMA.

The LMA President’s Award was established to honor longevity in public service, and the recipient is selected by a committee of LMA members across the state.

Morrison worked on the LMA master plan, and also sat on the legislative committee, that keeps track of legislative action that affect the villages, towns and cities of Louisiana.

Morrison said he appreciates the prestigious award, but his work is not done.

"Definitely my service is not complete," said Morrison, who served as a city councilman and also drove a school bus for decades. "We hope to achieve some more elements as we move forward. But definitely, my service is not complete."

LMA represents more than 300 communities across the state, Morrison said, and played a major role in his development as an elected official.

"In 2003, when i first became a council person in Scott, I went to the LMA for many issues. It was the teaching mechanism, if you wanted to learn. I would drive there once a month to go to classes. Now they do webinars," Morrison said. "I attended my first conference in New Orleans in 2003. And someone spoke, and they talked about how elected officials are a dream maker for many people, or a dream breaker for many people. When they come to you for help, you can make that dream come true or stop that dream. And that was always how I looked at my public service."

Morrison said the highest award he's ever received was a father of the year award, because his children nominated him for that. But this one is up there, too, he said. He said many people serve their community, not just elected officials.

"I think i was serving way before i won my first seat on the council. I was serving my community without even realizing it," he said. "I think we all do."