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Mayor-President Robideaux appoints new interim directors for LUS and LUS Fiber

Posted at 6:55 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-11 19:55:21-04

Lafayette Mayor-President has appointed new interim directors at LUS and LUS Fiber. The change was initiated to facilitate an internal review on behalf of the Public Service Commission, which has limited oversight of both entities.

Lowell Duhon, CAO of Lafayette Consolidated Government, will assume the post of Interim Director of LUS. Kayla Miles, LUS Fiber's Business Manager, will take the role of Interim Director of LUS Fiber.

As interim directors, both appointments are temporary during this internal review and permanent directors will assume the roles under the new administration in January.

Both posts will be effective Monday, October 14, 2019.

LUS and LUS Fiber are currently under review by the PSC for two self-reported findings of potential violations. Subsequent to the reports, the PSC requested that a more in-depth and internally unbiased review of all LUS Fiber inter-agency transactions will be performed, making the staff changes necessary.

"It is important that we provide the PSC with assurance that this review process removes any internal bias that might be associated with long-term employees. The best way to accomplish that is with fresh sets of eyes," Robideaux commented.

"LUS Fiber is an incredibly important community asset that has earned Lafayette the title of 'Fastest Internet in the World.' That reputation is responsible for attracting new businesses and the next generation of workers, which in turn bolsters and further diversifies our economy," Robideaux continued. "As we look to the future of LUS Fiber, it's important that we get past these issues and focus on remaining at the forefront of innovation."

During the review period, LCG's Chief Communications Officer Cydra Wingerter will assume the role of interim CAO.