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Lafayette Resource Officers undergo annual active shooter training

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Posted at 3:25 PM, Aug 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-07 18:44:36-04

The Lafayette Police Department's School Resource OFficers are attending their annual active shooter training this week.

The training is hosted by the Advances of Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training. The course, Single Officer Rapid Deployment (SORD), focuses on how to prepare SROs to respond to an active shooter as a single officer.

The session started this morning at the Lafayette Police Firearm Training Facility in Breaux Bridge.

Joe LoBrutto, of ALERRT, explained that the course is designed to provide a solo officer with the knowledge, physical skills, and mind set needed to respond to an active shooter threat alone. Tactics are taught that will help the officer isolate, distract, or neutralize an armed threat like an active shooter.

The course includes physical training and practice, but also instruction in levels of intervention, deadly force policies and case studies, ergonomic considerations for plain clothes carry, options for mitigating the occurrence of blue on blue shootings, concepts and principles of solo officer movement, threshold evaluation, setting up for and room entry techniques, post engagement priorities of work, and incident management.

"Today we really focus on the skills with their handguns, as well as off duty response; how to do it and both mitigate the situation and survive themselves," LoBrutto said.