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Lafayette resident sets up "learning fence"

Posted at 11:13 AM, Apr 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-06 12:13:18-04

Since schools are out, there are options for virtual learning, but sometimes you just need to get outside.

Lafayette resident Stephanie LeBlanc has set up a "learning fence" for families to enjoy.

She said she decided to create the fence, at the corner of Alonda and Ayreshire, as a place for families who are walking or biking in the neighborhood to stop and learn something.

"This is a place to visit with your elementary & middle school children as you walk or ride your bike with your family. If you decide to drive by, feel free to park in my driveway and get out and explore. Grab a dry erase marker from the clean bucket and let them do math, addition, multiplication & fractions; review the poster on character traits or "ways to treat others"; or learn about other countries," she says. "After practicing on the fence, please put the marker in the "Dirty" bucket so I can clean them. Each week, I will try to add more to the fence. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you to Office Depot on Pinhook for laminating all the posters and bringing this vision to life."

To try to maintain safety, LeBlanc put chalk stars on the sidewalk every six feet to help with social distancing and everything is wiped with antibacterial wipes often.

LeBlanc says she thinks parents and teachers are doing a great job with the situation, but she wanted to offer something to help.

"I think we are all looking for the silver lining in things today and wanting to do more to help our community," she says.