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Former UL baseball players commission statue of Tony Robichaux

Statue to be placed at Tigue Moore Field at Russo Park
Posted at 9:07 PM, Jan 21, 2020

Former UL baseball players are coming together to pay tribute to a special man, coach, and friend - Tony Robichaux.

According to a report in The Advocate, former pitcher Phil Devey came up with the idea of a statue to be installed at Tigue Moore Field at Russo Park and believed the only way coach Robichaux would approve was if the statue was funded by former players. Devey said Robichaux would have never wanted a statue of himself, and done in a way that "represents him the best."

The statue's cost is projected to be in the range of $160,000.

Tuesday, Devey said the funding is secure and ground was broken at Tigue Moore Field.

The statue is being created at a New Jersey studio and will be shipped to Lafayette ahead of UL baseball's opening weekend on February 15, when the final product will be available for viewing.

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