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Twin sisters share love of teaching at Woodvale Elementary

Posted at 7:46 AM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 09:11:40-04

LAFAYETTE, LA — Morgan Mercado works hard to make each year special for her 4th graders at Woodvale Elementary. This year, they'll learn a new curriculum and start the robotics club, but she's more excited about who will be by her side while she opens all these doors for them.

Morgan's twin sister, Taylor Wallace, will be teaching the same group of kids in the classroom next door. The two found their love for learning years ago when they were students at Woodvale, so it was a dream come true when opportunity knocked asking them to come back and teach.

"I started here in third grade and she was in fourth, but last year we got the opportunity to move up and teach together and we jumped on it, so we're very excited for this year," says Wallace.

The twins hope to work together to show their students that two are better than one.

"We already have plans to get everyone together and be one big family," says Wallace.

"What would be better than two people who know each other so well having a hand and encouraging these students coming up together and we will like we would be better together," adds Mercado.

If you want to keep up with Mrs. Mercado and Mrs. Wallace and what's going on in their classrooms, check them out on Facebook and Instagram at "Double Duty Teachers."