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Family of stabbing victim speaks out after wife indicted for second degree murder

'He didn't deserve this'
Posted at 9:57 PM, Jan 30, 2020

VILLE PLATTE — "He didn't deserve this, if she wanted out of the marriage she should have just divorced him. She took a part of me also."

A Ville Platte woman was indicted by a grand jury this week in the death of her husband. 23-year-old JaCorey Gallow died after being stabbedin the chest by his wife Jasmine Gallow in June of 2019.

"They were supposed to be celebrating their 1 year anniversary when all of this happened," Katina, the victim's mother, said.

"I'm still dealing with my son's death, and it's still hard."

According to the police report, Jasmine and JaCorey got into an argument. Jasmine told police she stabbed him in self defense after he went to throw something at her. She claims before that, he was beating her. His family denies her claims.

"I knew for a fact my child wouldn't put his hand on her. I raised my children don't put your hands on a woman," Katina said, "She had no bruises at all."

Now Jasmine is being charged with second degree murder.

"We're going to try and stay strong, and see what's the next step to this. We'll be seeking trial on this, but we'll be staying strong," said Rickey Thomas, JaCorey's father.

KATC made an attempt to contact Jasmine's family for a comment, but was unsuccessful.