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The Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force hosts child seat inspections

Posted at 4:50 PM, Sep 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-21 23:51:19-04

SCOTT — Car accidents are still the number one cause of death for children, according to the CDC.If you have a child in a car seat, you may just be doing it wrong.

September 21st is National Seat Check Saturday. Across the state, The Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force and University Medical Center New Orleans will offer free child car seat inspections. They're making sure every child is properly secured.

The local event was held today at Cajun Harley Davidson in Scott, where cars lined up to have child seats checked.

147 SONIC Drive-Ins across the state also partnered with the task force and the hospital to raise $60,000 to provide free and professionally installed car seats for families in need.

Like most parents, new mom Gabrille Larcade says her daughter's safety is her top priority.

"If I were to get into an accident my first initial priority is her," Larcade said.

It's the reason why she went to today's event for a free child seat inspection - to get a second opinion. To her surprise, she has been properly securing her daughter.

"I did learn that not all car seats require the seat belt, and that's a first, but no I did everything right, Larcade said.

The right way can be confusing, but as Tracy Lemaire with the Louisiana Passenger Safety Task Force explains, there's just a few things to remember.

"So when a child is rear facing, the slot that the strap comes from has to be at or below the shoulder, you don't see it... But when forward facing the slot has to be at or above the shoulder. You don't see the slot if rear facing, and you see the slot if forward facing, LeMaire said.

Child in seat correctly

In August, Louisiana implemented new laws, stating that children up to two years old should stay rear-facing.

"Under two was just way too soon to put a child forward facing; their neck, their back, and spinal cord would never be able to sustain a crash in that case," LeMaire said.

Chest clips should also be fastened at arm pit level. For more visuals, click here.

KATC has details on this event and other stories on our 10 p.m. newscast. Watch that livestream below.