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LCG explains police presence for fake event

Lafayette Police Department
Posted at 10:00 PM, Jul 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-12 23:00:48-04

Yesterday, residents and visitors to the River Ranch neighborhood reported a huge police presence.

Presumably, the police and sheriff vehicles parked at a riverside restaurant, stationed in the river and patrolling the streets were there because of a fake event posted by a satire page. It was advertised as "ANTIFA takes River Ranch" and was to begin at 4:20, with "arms optional, legs encouraged."

You can read about that here and here.

We reached out to LCG asking what the reason was for the extremely heavy presence - which residents told us started hours before the advertised 4:20 start - and received this response:

"While we understand this was a fake Facebook event, based on the amount of calls and messages we received from our citizens, we saw it fit to increase law enforcement presence in the area to ensure the event wasn’t taken seriously. Jokes of this nature are irresponsible and dangerous and if ill intentioned individuals had chosen to take advantage of the situation, we wanted to ensure that the safety of the citizens of Lafayette."