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Lafayette mom creates business using worms, eliminates waste

Posted at 6:31 PM, May 25, 2021

LAFAYETTE — According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, thousands of tons of cardboard make their way into landfills each year.

Now, a Lafayette woman is working to recycle cardboard and other papers a more natural way.

In 2019, Taylor Lyons wanted to start a business. As a gardener, the idea came crawling to her. She created several raised garden beds, squirming with worms for vermicomposting.

"I've heard of worm farms before, let me look into it. While I was Googling, I saw an article that Lafayette needed more recycling," Taylor Lyons, owner and founder of Worm Lady Recycles, said.

In the backyard of her Vivian Drive home lives thousands of worms. Lyons collects and feeds the worms paper goods, reducing the amount of waste in landfills.

"We also collect produce from grocery stores around Acadiana, they would normally throw it away. We also do coffee grounds, yard waste things like that, you can contact us to drop that off" Lyons said.

Lyons separates the worms' castings from the waste, creating an organic soil amendment to sell weekly at Fightingville Fresh Market. She also sells a liquid version.

"It's all natural, no chemicals, 100 percent recycled, it's really going to build that environment in your soil that your plant will continuously feed on," Lyons explained.

The mother of three says she hopes to have more worms, eliminating more waste.

"I would like to have millions of worms. That would be the goal, a huge farm, with millions of worms, barns everywhere. Composting the city's and restaurants' waste. Whatever we can do."

To find out more about Worm Lady Recycles, how you can help, ortake a class, click here.