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Highway 90 in Broussard Will Soon Be Widened to Six Lanes

Posted at 9:21 PM, Mar 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-25 22:21:05-04

The Department of Transportation and Development will be widening U.S. 90 to six lanes from Albertson Parkway and St. Nazaire Road, south to Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

That will include "about 4 miles of a two-lane frontage road system, and of course that will also include us building an interchange right there where US 90 intersects with Ambassador Caffery. Of course, building frontage road bridges over the railroad that we have in that area," said Deidra Druilhet.

The spokeswoman for DOTD says this project is a part of the bigger Go South program. She says this program aims to upgrade US 90 into an Interstate-level system. DOTD wants to advance the flow of traffic.

"Helping to put in interchanges and put in frontage roads. Anything that we can do to upgrade it to an interstate system and basically also make sure that it improves the flow of traffic," said Druilhet.

Since DOTD will be upgrading this part of US 90, which runs through Broussard, the mayor of the town says these changes will impact the city's economy.

"Sure, I think it's certainly going to make commuting easier. Broussard has a rapidly growing economy where we've seen year after year our city as a business hub, and this will only help us in that regard." said Ray Bourque.