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DA's Office explains possible consequences for school threats

Posted at 8:37 PM, Oct 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-28 16:42:43-04

School threats have been a major issue locally and nationally.

Until October 12th, there have been 14 in place orders and 13 lockdowns locally in the school year.

The threats have caused community resources from law enforcement to legal departments to figure out how to handle these situations.

KATC reached out to the Lafayette district attorney's office to find out what are the possible consequences for anyone who does a school threat.

Chris Landry, Assistant District Attorney juvenile division for the 15th judicial district parish of Lafayette said, "A disposition that could take place for a kid that commits the crime of terrorizing or menacing it could be probation where their supervised and they have a probation officer and their required to undergo certain services like counseling or community service. They could possibly be ordered to pay restitution if there's some kind of monetary damage that takes place at the school along those lines, they could possibly even get custody which is what we call jail time in the juvenile world."

School threats have left kids, parents, and teachers scared of the unknown.

The Lafayette district attorney expressed how they handle these situations.

Donald Landry, District Attorney for the 15th Judicial District Parishes of Acadia, Vermillion, and Lafayette said, "We have a real good effort going forward we're trying to educate we're trying to let people in the schools know especially our students, that we will not tolerate those type of threat that we take them very seriously."

According to officials when a student does a school threat it takes away the learning ability from other students and causes teachers not to be able to complete their jobs.

School threats are not a joke and if you make one you may have serious consequences that could affect your whole life.