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Brothers making jewelry to raise money for a school gym

Posted at 11:11 AM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 20:04:55-04

Two brothers are spending their summer break trying to raise money for a gym at their school.

Carter and Brennan Aucoin are students at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Scott. They've been making leather earrings to sell for the school's gym fund.

The school is a pre-K to eighth grade school that is fully self-funded. Right now the school is trying to raise money to build a multi-purpose facility that will be used as a gymnasium for athletic programs, auditorium for performing arts and gathering venue for special events.

It will also be used as space for students to play when outside recess is canceled. There was plenty of rainfall this past school year and on those days, students had to remain in their classrooms.

So far, the brothers have raised more than $400. The earrings are $6 a pair, and can be purchased by contacting the school at

The brothers explained that they wanted to give their cousins and aunts earrings for Christmas, so they decided to make school-related earrings and donate the money to the gym fund.

"It's wonderful that our students are taking ownership of raising funds for the multipurpose facility that directly benefits them," says Principal Danielle Babineaux. "This is an example of how what you learn in the classroom can be transferred to real life examples and being stewards of your school."