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The New Hope Baptist Church bounces back from recent storms

Posted at 11:03 PM, Jan 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-29 00:03:04-05

Leaders here at new hope baptist church are working to rebuild their sanctuary after Hurricane Laura. They say the structure is complete and they are focusing on impacting more people.

"They want to do some uplifting to the house of God. We often wonder how we can take care of our own home, but GOD's house goes undone. So, the Deacons came to me and said this is what they want to do to try to get the building back in shape because we were hit pretty bad by the storm."

Because of the conditions of new hope baptist church pastor Jerry Lee Jackson says he's had to have some services in the church's parking lot.

The church was heavily damaged by wind and water during Hurricane Laura. The damage caused a water leak from the roof and caused the floors to be uneven.

Deacon Marshall Jackson explains the plan is to target the main sanctuary first then spread to other parts of the church.

"We are looking at fixing all the floors, changing the floors out, putting hardwood floors, we got two air condition units and we got to re-level the building. Also, the fellowship hall needs work."

One of those "better" things the church wants to do is bring more people to the congregation. However, leaders say they have to make sure their buildings are in tip-top shape to do so.

"So maybe if we can do that, we can see our ways of doing a lot better things."

The New Hope Baptist church can accept donations on Sunday or a check was written to the church. Pastor Jackson says although, the fundraiser is on Sunday the church will be accepting donations anytime.