Isolated severe storms possible Wednesday

Posted at 4:43 AM, Feb 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-05 08:18:31-05

A tricky set up for Acadiana Wednesday with a front developing almost directly over us, keeping the door open for some strong, possibly severe, thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The cloud deck on Tuesday has served to limit instability, meaning that new storms will have a hard time getting going, however if they do pop then there's an atmosphere ripe for development.

Acadiana's wind profile would allow for a few of the thunderstorms to start to rotate which could lead to damaging winds and even the chance for isolated tornadoes.

Prime time for these storms will be the mid to late morning on Wednesday and continuing into the midlle of the afternoon.

Unfortunately these storms won't gather in a clearly defined line, instead they'll be discreet and isolated which puts an additional pressure on everyone to keep up with the current radar.

The latest model runs favor severe storm development in areas just north and east of Acadiana, but in weather boundaries are rarely clearly defined so it's entirely possible strong storms dip into Acadiana.

Once the evening arrives the severe threat will diminish but the showers will continue into the night as temperatures start to plummet.

Thursday will be a gray, windy, cold, and wet day before the clouds finally break as we begin to wrap up the work week.