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DA asks court to revoke bond in murder case after bus incident

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Posted at 4:49 PM, Mar 01, 2021

The District Attorney is asking a judge to revoke the bond of a man accused of conspiracy to commit murder after he was named as a suspect in the alleged beating of a bus driver last week.

The motion was filed in 16th Judicial District Court today against Travis Layne Jr., who is accused of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder and other crimes in connection with the 2019 shooting death of Garron Lewis.

The teen is the child of school board member Raymond 'Shoe-do' Lewis.

Layne was out on $100,000 bond when he was named as a suspect in the Friday beating of an Iberia Parish school bus driver. You can read that story here. He's still wanted, although a co-defendant in that case turned herself in on Friday.

Lewis is now questioning why Layne was released in the first place, despite his criminal past.

"This was an act of terror," Lewis said about the bus driver attack. "You do not look at his record before you decide to release a violent criminal back into society."

He added, "Mr. Layne took this to another level. It's an act of terrorism. Travis Layne participated in the taking the life of a child that had a future. He (Layne) evidently didn't want one (a future). It's choices that you make as teenagers coming up and parenting."

Lewis is sharing his concerns not only as a school board member, but as a parent who's still grieving the loss of a child. He says Layne's criminal record, should've kept him in jail and the bus driver attack could've been prevented.

"How does he get out. You do not look at his record before you decide to release a violent criminal back into society," Lewis said.

While he's still grieving, the memory of Lewis' child remains.His son's photos are placed on signs in his front yard.

Now Lewis has a message for Layne.

"You don't think of the impact that had to the other kids on the bus, not counting your own little girl. He's an animal. Now he's a coward. Turn yourself in or if you the public see him turn him in. He's dangerous."

16th Judicial District Attorney Bo Duhe asks the court to revoke his bond in the murder case and increase it, because his alleged participation in the bus driver incident constitutes a violation of the conditions of his release and because he's "a serious danger to the community."

According to the D.A.'s timeline, here are the important dates:

August 16, 2019 Garron Lewis, 17, is shot to death
October 29, 2019 Travis Layne Jr. is booked on charges of second-degree murder, criminal conspiracy and other charges. His bond is set at more than $1 million
January 6, 2020 Layne's first motion for a bond reduction is denied
March 2, 2020 Layne is formally charged in district court on charges of conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, principal to agg criminal damage to property, and principal to illegal discharge of a firearm.
March 30, 2020 Layne's bond is reduced to $400,000 in light of the formal charges
April 20, 2020 Layne's bond is reduced again, over the DA's objections, to $250,000
September 1, 2020 Layne's bond is redcued again, over the DA's objections again, to $100,000
December 14, 2020 Layne is released without posting bond, after the court grants a speedy trial motion, again over the DA's objections
January 20, 2021 An appeals court grants the DA's request to review the court's release of Layne.
January 22, 2021 An arrest warrant is issued for Layne's arrest. He's arrested that same day.
January 25, 2021 Layne posts bond and is released.
February 26, 2021 An arrest warrant is issued for Layne's arrest in the bus driver incident, accusing him of Interference in the Operation, Terrorizing, Aggravated Obstruction of a Highway, Criminal Trespassing, Second Degree Battery, and Battery on a School Teacher.