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Backstreet Boys pack the Cajundome

Posted at 10:23 PM, Sep 03, 2019

The Backstreet Boys are closed out a two night show in Lafayette on Tuesday, September 3, at the Cajundome.

Thousands of super fans had the chance relived their childhood and some warmed up their vocal cords for our camera.

Rachel Curry said her favorite is "Backstreet's back alright!" Meanwhile, Monica Martinez sang "I want it that way" for us.

Jesus Uscanga said that although he doesn't remember all of the songs, he's scoring points with his wife for bringing her to the concert.

"To be honest with you, I hardly remember any of the songs," says Uscanga. "I don't know...Backstreets Back Again? I'm a fan...I mean I like their music. I grew up watching MTV and all kinds of music. It's no big deal."

Some super fans shared a little too much insight of their boy band love.

We asked Monica Martinez if she had Backstreet Boys posters growing up and she said, "I even had underwear. I had everything. The posters, the pants, the t-shirts, everything!"

The next stop for the Backstreet Boys is in Birmingham, Alabama.