Food distribution helping family in need during COVID-19 pandemic

Food distribution helping family in need during COVID-19 pandemic
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Posted at 10:17 PM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 23:17:38-04

Long lines near Cajun Field today, where Second Harvest and the United Way of Acadiana partnered to distribute food to families in need. According to UL Lafayette Police Department, at least 3,000 people showed up.

Among those who waited in line nealy three hours, Sonya Leger and her husband Toby.

They have three children with health issues, so with the pandemic both parents have taken a leave of absence to keep their children safe.

"We'd rather keep them in quarantine and safe than to put them 6 feet under the ground. It's more of a health thing for us than money and you gotta do what you gotta do," said Toby Leger.

The couple have been on leave for two weeks then, came some bad luck.

"Our deep freezer went out and we lost all of our food," said Sonya Leger.

"We found out that there's not only a toilet paper pandemic but apparently a deep freezer pandemic," said Toby Leger.

The Legers, thankful that resources were available to help them and many other in need during this time.

"It shows us that we have not been forgotten. There's so much political stuff going on in the world right now and in the country. And it just goes to show that
you don't have to have money to be able to survive," said Toby Leger.