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Survey: One third of LA teachers need second income

Posted at 3:35 PM, Apr 13, 2023

One-third of Louisiana's teachers need a second income to make ends meet.

That according to a new survey by the Louisiana Federation of the Teachers.

The survey also found97 percent of teachers say they don't make enough to raise a family and most have considered leaving their jobs.

Statewide, teachers make an average of 52 thousand dollars a year. Which is three thousand dollars less than the average salary for teachers in the south.

More than half of the those who took the survey say they earn less than 50 thousand a year.

26 percent said they need or have needed public assistance programs like food stamps and medicaid.

Teachers salaries are once again a hot topic in this year's legislative session.

Governor John Bel Edwards is pushing to raise teacher salaries. Proposing a two thousand dollar raise for certified teachers and a one thousand raise for support staff.

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