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Trump touts American energy in Cameron, promises new I-10 Calcasieu Bridge if re-elected

Posted at 12:20 PM, May 14, 2019

President Trump spoke on energy and economy while visiting Cameron LNG facility in Cameron Parish. He toured the building before his speech to workers and the public gathered there.

During his remarks, Trump touted the work being done in Louisiana that would keep American energy dominant. He said that The Cameron LNG plant was unlike anything he had ever seen.

Better, cheaper, cleaner Trump said of the move to keep business on American soil. “Instead of relying on foreign oil and energy, we are producing like never before,” Trump said

While speaking, Trump mentioned his future 2020 campaign and his current Democratic opponents. Trump, spoke on his trip to the Cameron LNG plant saying that he had concerns over the Calcasieu Bridge on I-10.

Trump stated that if he was elected in 2020, he would promise a new bridge to replace the one he calls unsafe. That statement elicited cheers from the crowd and a standing ovation.

President Trump arrived in Cameron Parish on Tuesday at around 2:15 for his third trip to Louisiana since taking office in 2017.

Air Force One landed at Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles

A full report from the Associated Press can be read below:

HACKBERRY, La. (AP) – President Donald Trump showcased his “America First energy policy” on Tuesday during a trip to Louisiana designed to highlight his administration’s efforts to increase liquefied natural gas exports and boost the country’s energy infrastructure.

Trump toured a $10 billion export terminal that will liquefy natural gas for storage and shipping. The process involves cooling gas vapor to a liquid state. Sempra Energy announced Tuesday ahead of Trump’s visit that the Louisiana plant has begun producing liquefied natural gas.

“Under my administration we have ended the war on America energy and ended the economic assault on our wonderful energy workers,” Trump said in a wide-ranging speech to workers that emphasized energy efforts but also touched on the 2020 Democratic field, the economy and his 2016 election.

Trump cites an increase in liquefied natural gas exports as boosting jobs and cementing the U.S.’ role as an energy provider for international markets. The administration has also promoted liquefied natural gas from the United States as a way for Europe to reduce its reliance on Russia for energy.

“We should be producing energy at home, not enriching foreign adversaries abroad,” Trump said.

Declaring that production of liquefied natural gas was increasing, Trump said: “What does it really mean? It means jobs, jobs, jobs.” He also criticized the Democrats’ Green New Deal proposal for aggressively cutting carbon emissions, predicting that “under that deal, everybody in this room gets fired.”

The president and congressional leaders are trying to work together on an infrastructure package that would include boosting energy development as well as rebuilding roads, bridges and airports. Trump and Democratic leaders agreed to work toward a $2 trillion package, but it will be difficult for lawmakers and the White House to agree on how to pay for it.

Some Republican lawmakers have described raising taxes to pay for public works improvements as “a nonstarter.” Democrats, meanwhile, will be wary of speeding up environmental reviews to hasten construction.

The nation’s top business groups and labor unions support increasing the federal gasoline tax, currently 18.3 cents a gallon. It was last raised in 1993.

Democrats are waiting for Trump to unveil what he can support, knowing an infrastructure package will go nowhere in a Republican-controlled Senate without his strong backing.

As he spoke about his 2020 prospects, Trump made an infrastructure promise to Louisiana, a state that strongly supported him in 2016.

“If we win this election, we’re giving you a brand new I-10 bridge,” he said. “We’re gonna have it all set, ready to go Day One, right after the election.”

Trump also used the official government event to handicap his potential 2020 Democratic opponents. He said that former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke is “falling fast,” and he mocked former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Trump claimed to the crowd: “Bernie’s got a lot of energy. But it’s energy to get rid of your jobs.”

The visit is Trump’s third to Louisiana since he took office. He will also use the trip to address supporters at a fundraiser in Metairie.


Preparations were underway this morning for the president’s arrival at the airport. KATC’s Chris Welty was live there and says VIP guests and the Louisiana State Police motorcade have assembled to greet the president.

During his trip, the president will be joined by several members of the Louisiana congressional delegation including senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy, and representatives Clay Higgins and Steve Scalise.

Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards is also at the airport to greet the president.

Departing the airport, the president will head to the Cameron LNG Export Facility in Hackberry.

There, President Trump is expected to speak about promoting energy infrastructure and economic growth.
After visiting Hackberry, he will then head to Metairie for a fundraiser.

KATC will have LIVE news coverage of that speech.

Leading up to the president’s visit, residents in Cameron parish have been sharing their excitement. KATC’s Chris Welty spoke with a few residents.

Preparations continue for President Trump’s visit to Cameron Parish

KATC will have team coverage of president trump’s visit to southwest Louisiana from the moment he lands until he takes off.