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Louisiana legislators respond to State of the Union address

Posted at 6:46 AM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 20:40:46-05

Several Louisiana legislators shared their thoughts following President Donald Trump’s second State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy and Representatives Clay Higgins, Mike Johnson, and Ralph Abraham each shared their thoughts on the president’s speech. The Republican legislators offered up their support for the president, remarking that the speech’s theme of “choosing greatness” was fitting for the “wins” that have been accomplished by President Trump’s administration.

Sen. Cassidy issued the following statement on the speech:

The president’s theme was choosing greatness. I think we’ve chosen greatness with the economic policies that we have, the record low unemployment for veterans, for people of color, for high school dropouts, for women. An economy that’s been growing as it hasn’t for the previous eight years before this president.

And I really like how the president is concerned about surprise medical billing and lowering the cost of medications. Kitchen table issue-I as a physician care deeply about it because I know that can mean the difference between health or not.

Then the president refers to infrastructure. That should be an area of common ground between Republicans and Democrats. We certainly need that program.

And I’m hoping that the success of the economy, the emphasis upon medications and the infrastructure, will allow some movement on securing our southern border.

Right now Ms. Pelosi doesn’t want to do anything, clearly most Americans think we should do something, and the president has shown a willingness to compromise.

I’m hoping we can build upon these successes to choose greatness when it comes to securing our southern border.

Similarly, Reps. Higgins, Johnson, and Abraham touched on the president’s theme of “greatness,” calling for both parties to put aside their “politics of resistance” and “divisiveness” and come together.

Rep. Clay Higgins (District 3) issued the following statement:

President Trump delivered an uplifting and powerful vision for American greatness. Our nation is safer, stronger, and more secure thanks to the conservative policies and wins that we have achieved under President Trump’s leadership. In the last two years, we have seen historic economic growth, more jobs, and greater opportunity for all Americans.

“The President called on Democrats to put aside the politics of resistance and obstruction, to work together on the serious challenges facing our nation. We must secure our southern border, modernize our infrastructure, and continue the American economic expansion. The President and Republicans are prepared to seek reasonable compromise, but it takes willing parties on both sides. I am hopeful, prayerful even, that my Democratic colleagues will come to the table and put the interests of the American citizenry, that we have sworn to serve, over those of foreign nationals.

Rep. Mike Johnson (District 4):

The president’s speech was a welcome call to greatness and to national unity. Our politics have become far too divisive and counterproductive. The American people deserve better, and since coming to Congress, I have worked tirelessly to restore productive dialogue so we can solve problems and move our country forward. Tonight, the president echoed those sentiments and outlined a bright future for all Americans.

We have an opportunity in this Congress to put forth legislation that addresses the dire crisis at our southern border, promotes continued economic prosperity, restores the sanctity of human life, prioritizes our military and national security, and puts the American people first. By doing so, we will remain, as the president said, a land of liberty and independence – not of coercion and big government control. I stand with President Trump in his efforts to bridge the divide we now face, and I hope all our colleagues will join us in championing these items in Congress.

Rep. Ralph Abraham (District 5):

President Trump has a bold vision of how we can solve the challenges facing our country. There’s no shortage of what we can achieve if Democrats decide to work with Republicans to address border security, the cost of heath care, infrastructure and much more. My hope is they stop with the political stunts and obstruction, and choose to help us move this country forward.

Watch the full State of the Union addresss below. Read more on the address, here.

Following the president’s address, Stacy Abrams issued the Democratic response. Abrams served as a Democratic representative in Georgia from 2011-2017 and was the 2018 Democratic nominee for Georgia’s gubernatorial election. She lost that race to Republican opponent Brian Kemp.

Abrams became the first black woman to deliver the State of the Union rebuttal.

Listen to her response, below: