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Eyewitness describes LSU crash

Posted at 5:37 PM, Aug 24, 2018

Four LSU students are recovering tonight after being hit by a car.

Two cars collided near Tiger Stadium around 9:30 this morning. One of those cars was pushed onto the sidewalk and into students waiting in to cross the road.

“You hear this loud skirting noise like a tire and I look over. I see this car, the backend of its bumper swerving,” said eyewitness Pierce Brown.

He narrowly avoided getting hit by one of the cars. Brown said it was a chaotic morning and Nicholson Drive was filled with first responders.

“A friend of mine who had graduated the following semester was right here and got grazed,” said Brown. “The first thing I did was reach into my pocket to grab my phone and call 911. I stepped back and sort of watched everything unfold.”

Friday afternoon, shattered taillights still littered the scene.

Freshmen Eric Diaz said moments after the crash, his mom, concerned about his safety, texted him.

“I come out of class and I find out, it’s the crosswalk I use everyday. I come and park right here and I park in this section every morning. It’s kinda scary if cars are not looking out for students,” Diaz said.

Police say the driver of the vehicle was also an LSU student. The driver was cited for failure to yield and careless operation.

“Count your blessings,” said Brown. “They didn’t press the traffic light so I was on my way to press it and noticed what was going on and dodged the rear-end of the car.”