Shoppers empty shelves as coronavirus concerns rise

Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 13, 2020

The increase in coronavirus concerns is causing shoppers to flood grocery stores. However, more customers are causing a decrease in inventory. More and more shoppers are filling up their carts. People have been stocking up on essentials amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Some shoppers say they've had to go to multiple stores to find what they need, but they're running out of luck.

"Horrible," shopper Ashley Philips described her experience. "I went to Sam's they have nothing on the shelves. Nothing at Wal-mart. Everything is empty. You can't find toilet paper or Germ-X," Philips said. "It's very concerning. You don't know if you can get it tomorrow or today. Just trying to protect myself from the virus."

Food, toilet paper and water are still in stock at Nunu's Fresh Market in Youngsville. It's where most shoppers who spoke with KATC said they found most of what they need. However, most of the essentials needed for coronavirus concerns are completely wiped out at the store.

"We're totally out of Lysol, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers," Blaine Broussard of Nunu's said. "Our wholesalers are starting to run out of products. They're telling us by next week we should start see it returning, but even they are getting cut by their suppliers. "

Shoppers say they've been going store to store to find what they need. However, they say no matter where they go, even if it's a big box store, they're coming across the same problem. Photos from Target show empty shelves in the store. The store hardly has any bread, water, and hand sanitizers. It's becoming more of a common sight.

"There's people there, but they're running around with empty baskets," shopper Phillip Hale said. "Right now with all this virus going on, the shelves are getting empty."

While many are leaving empty handed, Hale says he has all he needs at home and he's not worried about the coronavirus.

"I'm just going to keep on living, you know," Hale said.